Champignons Growth

There is a big tradition in champignons growth and consumption in this area so the product of low or no quality has no chance for the placement at the market. The quality is preciously defined for the both market sides – producers/traders and consumers so shaly or squamous mushrooms of irregular forms may easily be recognized and nobody would by them. Healthy, shapely high quality champignon looks beautiful so the merchants love to show them in their show windows. Regardless of modern technology improvement, nobody covers champignons with non see-through package, which comes out with the result that their natural look is still unequalled.

Europe has a great tradition in champignon consumption and the biggest consumers are French, Swiss and Germans. Some significant medical researches came out with the results of direct links with regular mushrooms consumption and better health condition of above mentioned nations.

Good compost is a base of high quality champignon growth.


The local expression says “The health comes in through the mouth” got its full meaning in champignons consumption. By consuming the champignons you get simple, cheap and efficient medicament of beautiful taste.

Air condition in the growth hall has to be advantageous for the champignons growth. With our highly tech equipped facilities, our experience and dedicated work, our company reaches these conditions with routine getting 24 hours per day, 365 days per year production with no pauses during summer’s extremely high outdoor temperatures or  winter’s extremely low outdoor temperatures.