Product Portrait


Name and type of products: Champignon – Agaricus bisporus


Product Features:

  • Season characteristics: the champignons are distinguished by the following characteristics:

1) that the hat in the optimal maturity is closed or slightly open, shape of hemisphere diameter of 1.5 cm to 10 cm;
2) that the color of hat is white, cream-white or light brown, depending on the sort;
3) that the flesh of hat is firm and the section has a fresh look;
4) that tha body of champignon is white, smooth and residue-free mycelium;
5) that leaves are, if the hat slightly open, slightly pink;
6) that the smell and taste of productive body typical for mushrooms.

Description of the types of containers:

  • mushrooms are packed in PVC pelvic size 225 mm x 135 mm x 35 mm, taking into account the weight of a bowl with the mushrooms is not more than 350 or 400 g.
Description of the method of distribution:

  • Transport vehicles shall be vehicles of Company “Pečurka” provided for that purpose.

Transport documents:

  • Certificate on safety (organoleptic and chemical analysis)
The basic purpose of the product (for which you need and where the product is intended):

  • Champignons are intended for consumption, that is, for human consumption of food or for further processing (pickling, canning-blanching).


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