Portrait and Origin

Human has always been engaged in collecting mushrooms to eat. In ancient Chinese civilization and culture of fungi are prized for 7000 years, and the Romans used a lot of dishes from mushrooms. In Asian countries used in the diet and medical treatment for thousands of years. In the old days people thought that it was the food of the gods, perhaps even to have arisen from thunder, because they appeared overnight, after the storm.

Mushrooms are one of the most popular type of edible fungi, characteristic odor and flavor, which is more frequent in the every day consumptioin. Genuine mushrooms are a regular, hemispherical hat, white-gray to brown. In nature they are found from May to October in fertilized meadows, pastures, fortest meadows and etc. in addition, are among the few fungi that are widely cultivated artificially and sold on the market. This fungus is a white color and unique flavor. The possibilities of preparation are endless. They are available year-round, canned or fresh.

Closed champignons are the youngest type of mushroom, milky white, and picked up very early in development. Flavor is not as expressive as it was not enough time to mature, and are used alone or in combination, in which their cartilaginous tissue is exquisitely evident. Mushrooms with closed cap appearance can scarcely be distinguished from those with undeveloped cap, but their flavor is pronounced.

Semi open champignons are in advanced stages of development and can be open or closed caps.

Open champignons are the most mature among ordinary champignons with intense flavor. Because of its cone and exposed withered brown leaves most people find them unattractive, but despite that, it would be wrong to let their appearance interferes with their great potential and spicy. These are mature mushrooms, whose taste is fully developed.

Brown champignons
This dark brown champignon species with a free hat has a pleasant taste and can improve the taste of food.

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