Buying and storing

Mushrooms can be bought throughout the year, at the market or at supermarkets – portioned and wrapped in plastic wrap.

Choose mushrooms that have a solid structure and, depending on the variety, white or cream-caps. Given that in time champignon changes color, when purchasing note cards below the cone, that in time changed color from pink to brown. Closed-cap mushrooms use fresh for the preparation of salads, one with an open cap for stuffing or roasting, and if you only need the caps, choose those that have thiny stem so as to have less waste. When shopping be sure to avoid mushrooms that have lost their moisture and are soft to the touch and have damage to the surface.

If you are buying mushrooms at the market, keep them refrigerated in a paper bag, wrapped in a damp cloth. So you’ll keep their moisture and freshness for several days. Portioned and repacked and mushrooms from the store place in paper bags and store in the lower part of the refrigerator for two to three days.

Mushrooms are a large species of fungi, which is famous for his cultivation
noble mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus), with its many strains. It is grown throughout the world, spreading no fear of mushroom poisoning, bringing the joy of good taste in millions of homes.

Preparing dishes with mushrooms

Mushrooms, like other fungi, due to its spongy structure does not wash in water, but erased with a damp cloth or kitchen paper. Only if there has been obvious color changes, it is necessary to peel the mushrooms, but regardless of color, we must cut off the bottom of the mushroom stem in any case. Since it contains a large amount of water, the mushrooms are significantly reduced during the heat treating, and due to its spongy structure absorb large amounts of fat.

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