Nutrition Value

The most important champignon qualities are digestibility, high level of protein concentration and some healing characteristics. Low calories level makes it favorable for diet consumption. Champignon ingredients are acceptable for vegetarians as well. It is consisted of high level of minerals and vitamins, champignons decrease fat and cholesterol level in blood.  There is only 15 calories in 100 grams of champignons. Same amount of champignons is consisted of significant amount of vitamins, 470 mg of potassium, 10 mg of Calcium, 100 mg of Phosphor, 1,2 mg of Iron, and some other minerals. Champignon is consisted of only 0.2% of fat, 3.6% of Carbohydrates and 4.9% of proteins. Also there is significant amount of selenium which is irreplaceable in prevention of cancer.  Within champignons’ membrane there is chitin, cholesterol active restraining factor.  Also champignons are consisted of many B complex vitamins (B1, B2, B5 and B12), vitamin C and it is commonly used as a meal supplement since may replace many sorts of different vegetables due to its high nutrition value..

Probably the most important ingredients of the mushrooms are substance consisting nitrate (5.5%), out of 64.8% are proteins. Champignons and edible boletus are two sorts of mushrooms with highest percentage proteins. The carbohydrate types in the mushrooms are glycogen, insulin and pectin substances. It is really important to point out the fact that there is no sucrose or starch, which makes mushrooms very favorable for the diabetics’ consumption.

The most important acids in the mushrooms are oxalic and phosphoric acid. The most present mineral substance is potassium. Fats or lipids presence is approximately between 0.8 to 7.0%.