Champignon Growth & Sale

Family company named „Pecurka“(„Mushroom” in English) was founded in 1988 as a small family business. Our business orientation was Champignons growth exclusively. At the brand beginning we have started at 80m2 of growth hall space and 10 tones of annual production capacity.


Mushrooms have been integral par of human nourishment for a long time period. In the past, human were collected mushrooms from the nature sources exclusively so the mushrooms were available for the reach only. At that time it was called “Food for the Gods” or “Food for the kings”. But there is one common thing for the ancient and present period in the field of mushroom – growing. Experience in harvest was essential since the numerous mushrooms sorts are venomous for humans.

Today, mushrooms market demand is growing so the Hall Growth is the only way to fulfill growing demands of the increasing world’s mushrooms market.

Concerning actual market trends in the field of mushrooms, especially in the field of champignon growth – the most popular mushroom sort, our company “Pecurka” is growing and developing, getting more experienced, improving production capacities and enlarging employment force in quantity and quality sense. Presently we use a top modern technology, our champignons are the highest quality and our experienced and dedicated employees are the guarantee for fulfilling all dead lines agreed.

Uzgoj Sampinjona

Presently we have 1500 m2 of production facilities, 17 permanent employees and our annual champignon production capacity is 400 tones.

We have reached extra high standards of our services by developing our distribution network, which gave us ultimate quality of our product. In the purpose of having high standard distribution network, we have our own cargo vehicles giving us safe and fast delivery possibility to all of ours partners.

For the future, Company “Pecurka” intends to enlarge production capacity and to float our product into the international market. We are open minded, ready for any kind of fair business cooperation in the fields of champignon cultivation improvement, product sale or education from any related field, so fell free to contact us at any time.